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1 Day Best Arusha Bicycle Tours

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1 Day Best Arusha Bicycle Tours


Arusha is get away to the Tanzania Northern Safari Circuit, it is the best safari county get away according to Safari Booking (online based booking platform). Unfortunately, most travelers don’t get chance to explore this area as they arrive from cross oceans flights. This bicycle tours will make you remain active and exploring people. Cycling tour like this one will give you good concept of African life and environment relation.  Arusha is perched at the altitude of 1,400 metres (4,600 ft), this makes it a mountain bike paradise. Some people compare Tanzania with Colorado, US when it come to mountain biking.

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1 Day Arusha bicycle tours can be customized to fit different leave of challenges, cycling skills and time. You will be cycling in Africa so expect nice bumping gravel road which can be the whole fun with good mountain bike. We try to avoid nice and busy tarmac roads.  Arusha bicycle tours can be early morning biking before going to wildlife safari. Riders can do this in between to reduce the time spent on 4×4 safari vehicle. The tours  can be in Maasai or Meru villages tours combined with culture tours. One day Arusha bicycle tours can even be the rarest opportunity to see wild animals on bicycle. Here are few of the tours.


Arusha National Park Bicycle Tour 3-4hrs

A brand new opportunity to cycle with wild animals in Africa wilderness. Most of Tanzania national parks do not allow cycling this is because of many wild animals especial the dangerous predators as well as large mammals. Arusha National Park has few large mammals large predators can hardly be seen due to the rain forest. Surrounded with villages and due it small size (137 sq km), wild animals have become used to human to certain extent. Arusha National Park is where Mount Meru (Tanzania second highest mountain found). Climbers accompanied with armed ranger summit mount Meru with 3-4 days every day. Also the park already have other activities such as walking safari and canoe to its beautiful volcanic Momela lakes. Such experience  give the park management good idea to deal with available wild animals.


Small Serengeti…

While you are biking on this wild gravel roads with its lush landscapes and splendid scenery. You will be able to cycle through “Small Serengeti” “Little Serengeti”.The parks has lot of rolling grassland to Afro-montane forest and moorland. This small open grass land  area as it name suggest will always have wild animals. On your saddle you will be able to see giraffe, buffaloes, zebras, different gazelles, water backs, baboon, etc. As you are cycling in the rain forest patch you may be able to see rare and beautiful Black and White Colobus and Red Duiker.

On this Arusha bicycle tour you can start from Arusha or drive to the park and start at the entrance. Also this tour can be extended to several days circumnavigate the Mount Meru and over night at nice Mkuru Camel Camp. Or as part of Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro Bicycle Tour.


Raspberry Trail 2-3hrs

This is probably most challenging Arusha day bicycle tour as it give about 60-80 % climbing challenge. Start from Arusha pass through mountain villages to planted pine forest. Before make a turn at the boundary of Arusha National Park to make a loop back to town. About five minutes of biking form town you will find yourself in the outskirts. Another ten minutes you will be surprised as will find yourself in the rural areas of mud house and excited children shouting ‘stranger, foreigner, bicycles!’ just to get your attention. 1 Day Best Arusha Bicycle Tours, Tanzania Bicycle Tour, Tanzania Cycling Safaris, Arusha Bicycle Tours


The ride will take you past banana, coffee, maize and potatoes fields. Despite the fact that farmers are using their hoe to till the land they are always feeling pity for cyclist’s hard work to climb these hills. They express this by often say “Pole” vaguely translate as “Sorry” for the pain. The ride will take you through nice and tough climbing which local riders call “breakfast”. Rolling in the river valleys then reward you with long down hill back to town. Just watch out for crossing sheep, dogs and children.  Take a break up the rain forest to listen the natural rhythm with music from colorful Robin Chart and Hartlaub’s Turaco.

Raspberry ride can be extend with another 45 minutes to 1 hour switch back climb to the pass. You can also continue to Monduli Mountain forest for nice single trails. Arusha mountain biking will depend on how much you want to go and challenge yourself.


More Bicycle Tours

As bicycle enthusiasts we hand pick our bicycle trails and roads. 1 Day Bicycle Tours are design to make you remain active during your safari break or fight jet lag. These tours can be customized to two days or more depend on your requirements, see Bicycle Tours for more options. Contact us any time to design your own Africa Bicycle Tour Adventure.


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