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Safari in the Nature
29th November 2022
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Africa have been always the frontier of travel adventure being from slave riders to missionaries explorers, adventure seekers to today wildlife adventure. Over the time travel and tourism in the continent have taken different shape and specialization. This process is still on going. Recently Malawi International Travel Expo proves that in the continent the brewing is still on. Malawi is brewing it unique product. For a decade or so Malawi has been one of the paradise for low budget travelers especial the one on the long haul tour tracks. This seems to be due to nature of Malawi as lock land country although with its own inland sea; Lake Malawi/Nyasa. (from former Nyasa Land)

The Malawi 4th international travel expo also know as Tukulandirani seem to be the best way to introduce the country to many stakeholders especial the one who will buy and sell the product. Malawi is known for it vicious cycle of poverty for decades, many of the effect of this inhuman living conditions hardly make to world news. In between learning about leisure of travel industry there is heavy cloud of what come along travel and tourism at this times. The expo demonstrates the Malawian products as well as foreign investment crafted from the countries long battle of poverty. Here seems to be clear that travel and tourism industry can’t ignore the huge package of sustainable development attached to it.

On post expo familiarization safari there are lot to make one wonder with such hard living there are still natural bounty timidly with wildlife as a sanctuary of landlock country with dense human population. Before all one must take back with Malawian warmness and gentleness, this is one of hard to bit character of Malawians. Malawi has one of unique landscap as it making part of the great rift valley in the north where the Lake Malawi basing start. Mulanje make it high point with several small mountains and isbeg roaks doet the rest of the country. Nature conservation and widness leasure is still on it infacy in comparison to southern part of the continent or if one would like to think of East Africa. Nonetheless the minestery of toursm and the tourism stakeholders of this small hiden gem of Africa did an amazing work to present the country to the world. It was a good opportunity to expirence the effort to rise from covid hit. The main challenge is to customize the country own product from region competiotion and accecibilty.

Malawi still offer great adventure travel opportunity due to it remontness . The authenticity of cultures/traditions is another aspect which give Malawi a unique niche. The recovery from covid and adopting to domestic, regional and global market require a lot of efforst and much needed abilty to link the diverse aspects of travel and toursm of today. The same goals adopted for glabal tourism will be handy here. Povety bring many misery with it, Malawi have and is experinceing huge catastrophe related to environmental degradation. Luck of good reusable energy and management have lead to longtime deforestation in the country. Human rights, access to education, democracy and many of this aspects an avoidale become a central part of the expo. The open doors which brought foregners seem to open the local host eyes as well. Buyers and sellers work to draw the position of Malawi on the global map. This was a challenge for many it isn’t just only the resilinace and hardiship of life it was on how to sell the country with such a contrary profile. As every one was picking up from the effort of ministery of toursm and work jointly to host the visitors it become clear that travel and toursm is tools to bring people toghther to exchange and experence the difference and the alike togher.

Malawi may not be exactly “Out of Afica” kind of safari destination but sure with good customization one can have the expirence of “Lion King” mixed with ‘Wakanda”. This mean one can have a old school traditional safari and way of travel where you have your expirence customized in a package from airport to back at the airport. Thisis mainly wildlife viewing bit f culture touch and possible sun basking on the glass water lake. Also young generation with different eye on Africa can still customize their expirnce being online, local tour operators, or walk in the country. Mulanje mountain offer good training destination for pro athiletics and gentle induarance hinking compared to tough east Africa climbings. Home staying and culture experience is one of rich expirence of Malawi. Some parks sunch as Nyika Plateau National Park and Lake Malawi Natinal Park at Cape Maclear are quite remote to offer certain amount of isolation from Malawi dense population.

In this expo one thing Malawi was able to prove is that even with little you can do wonders. It said that the national air carrie has two flights and opparate jointly the Ethiopian airline managed to service it invites from and connecting in South Africa.Kenya airways and Ethiopian airline with connction to Americas, Europe, Asia and Afican regions showed that Malawi isn’t alone on the recovery effort.
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