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Cape to Kili

Cape to Kili Tour and Itinerary

Cape Town- South Africa-CapetoKili-El Mundo Safaris

Cape to Kili tour is the cycling expedition that starts from Cape Town, South Africa making its way to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. We started the trip from Arusha to Cape Town. Breaks were required to recollect our thoughts and define our abilities.

The first break we took at the vineyards in Stellenbosch. In the crispy morning, we bid goodbye to Table Mountain and head towards the Atlantic north coast. Our cycling team – Fountains cruises along the Atlantic slowly leading by our local friend Hennie.

Upon our arrival at the Orange River, we exhausted drenched from the extreme temperature of 43 degree Celsius. We wondered along the river vineyards for a while before reaching the Namib Desert to Fish River.

The camp at Gondwana Land Red House in the Fish River Canon gave us a welcoming break from the dry yet flowering desert. Once we departed from the natives, we had amazing encounters with springbok, leopard, oryx, zebra, etc.

Namibia-CapetoKili-El Mundo Safaris

The peaceful road aligned with long green golden grass that led us to Botswana. We enjoyed overnight stay in the small village of Witvilei and got a beautiful glimpse of colonizers that had passed. Here, we saw the tall and elegant Heroes; some of them ended up here running from the German massacre.

Once we left Namibia and its wonders, we visited Botswana’s monotony landscape. Then we visited the Okavango Delta town of Maun.

Namib-Naukluft national park, Namibia-El Mundo Safaris-Cape to Kili

The calm road lined with long green golden grass, (which indicated that this eastern part of Namibia has received some rain), led us to Botswana. Overnighting in the small village of Witvilei, we got a glimpse of colonizers that had passed and white settlers, which seem to give way to modern Namibia mix. Here we could see the tall and elegant Heroes who some end up here running from the German massacre. The native Click speakers of the Damara ethnic group and other groups of San have inhabited this open grassland for many generations. This proudly mix of Namibia scarcely populate the region were our welcoming host was situated.

Namibia-CapetoKili-El Mundo Safaris

Once we left Namibia and its wonders we journeyed to Botswana’s monotony landscape, now is at least green due to the rain (which nourish it easily). This led us to the Okavango Delta town of Maun. It was a fabulous break from the continuous wilderness or bush camps.

The central roads that connect Maun and Nata, the Nata-Kasani goes along Makagadikgadi Pan and Nxai-Pan National Parks as well as Sibuyu Forest Reserve. We learned that elephants – the great beauties were not only reserved for parks.

Botswana-Delta-CapetoKili-El Mundo Safaris

We had some rains in Botswana and couldn’t believe how much it could change things. In many of our wilderness camps, we had to take shade from elephant scratched trees and water point break. Coming across the mighty Zambezi River, we reached Zambia.

Botswana Bush Camp-El Mundo Safaris

While crossing Zambia, we came across two key events. Second experience was when the Zambian 20 football team defeat Senegal and became African young champions. The event took weeks of celebration.

Victoria Falls- El Mundo Safaris

The hills of Mzuru and Lilogwe took us for the rest in the beautiful Lake Malawi. We were happy and lucky to leave the rain while crossing the Great Rift Valley. We return back to the small Miombo woodlands of Tanzania. Our tour package took to large game reserve – Rugwa, Kizigo and Moyowosi. We were happy to come across the Rift Valley.

Malawi-CapetoKili-El Mundo Safaris

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Tanzania-CapetoKili-El Mundo Safaris

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