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Elvis Munis Foundation

The Elvis Munis Foundation is committed to exploring our planet and conserving and protecting environments, wildlife, and habitats.

Elvis Munis Foundation was born from a passion for the exploration and preservation of our planet. From 2009-to 14, Tanzanian Elvis Munis undertook an “around the world cycling initiative” Chile to Kili. Elvis cycled across 70 countries in an effort to inspire youth to take action, promote conservation, and sustainable development, and raised fund scholarships for disadvantaged youth.

Munis learn that there is a huge lack of understanding, first-hand experience, and individual opportunity to explore and participate in finding the solution to the world most pressing challenges across the world. He found El Mundo Safaris to offer exciting adventure travel with the purpose of rising awareness of conservation and sustainable development. El Mundo Safaris run an ethical travel organization, promoting conversation and natural resource management and protection through the knowledgeable guiding of tourists on a learning journey; taking home more than just beautiful memories of evocative landscapes and people!

The world is facing threats of environmental destruction due to human activities and population growth as well as natural changes. Developing countries, which have a huge part of the natural environment and sustainable practices, are facing the great challenge to protect natural resources and develop sustainably. Youth in these regions lack the opportunity to obtain the necessary education to manage their own natural resources for sustainable development; the challenge that founder Elvis Munis experienced in many other countries on his travels.

Elvis Munis Foundation is working to bring people together for the good of the planet. By engaging all participants in the simple act of exploration, people will be able to learn and work together, bridging cultural divides and encouraging cross-cultural learning and partnerships. Both visitors and local participants will learn firsthand about the problems impacting their community; practice core skills of leadership and empowerment and work together to implement change and sustainable development within their communities.

Elvis Munis Foundation as well as exploring pressing conservation issues within areas will work to promote skills of leadership, communication, and innovation; empowering people to make the changes necessary for sustainable growth, development, and prosperity.

As we continue to develop across the world, our engagement with our natural surroundings is becoming more and more displaced and many are growing up with no connection to nature and no sense of responsibility within their wider communities to either people or the planet. Teaching about conservation, community and the protection of the natural world is absent from many of our education systems, and the protection of natural resources is neither something discussed nor responded to by most citizens within their community.

Many of the problems that we are causing with global pollution and climate change can be re-addressed through the simple act of community education; exploring the potential for impact within a local community and allowing people to work together to protect and sustain their own environment first, working together to bring about change.

Through a combination of short education programmer, working with other stakeholders, and action-projects Elvis Munis Foundation aims to re-address our relationship with the world around us as well as offer practical and sustainable solutions for conservation efforts.

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