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Educational Tours

Elvis (Lelo) Munis – founder of El Mundo Safaris, a premier name in the safari industry, strongly believes that travel experience is life-enriching understanding. This is from his own experience when a person travels and he starts to know how other people live day today. Travel offers us those moments to see and experience our truly human elements such as the rich biodiversity, our global and universal ecosystem. It gave us the awareness that we are not only individual or isolated communities but rather one and interconnected. We believe educational tours/travel is essential for our global peace, sustainable development as well as the opportunity to work together on pressing issues. When you visit East Africa, South Africa, or anywhere, you will see new places, hear new languages and understand new customs and cultures, allowing you to see the world in a new way.

Our educational tours and packages include highly-qualified, professional educators, dedicated to transforming the way students and group like to look the world. El Mundo Safaris, collaborated with Elvis Munis Foundation bring the main driving force behind sustainable, positive development and the global community that share a common understanding.

We know that Africa is the perfect destination to have incredible educational travel experiences. This is why El Mundo Safaris specializes in providing educational tour packages to understand the amazing natural setting, vibrant cultures, and diverse wildlife. Through our educational tours, you can get to connect and engage significantly with the complexities and the richnesses of Africa.

Wildlife Educational Tours

El Mundo Safaris invites clients/tourists to travel with a professional ecologist along in the national parks throughout understanding about the ecosystems, wildlife, and conservation. For more details about our educational tours and itineraries, please feel free to contact us today!

Youth Educational Tours

El Mundo Safaris provides highly interactive educational tours for the best interests of teenagers seeking for a life-enriching pre-higher educational experience. Our perfectly-tailored tours include accommodation facilities with local families and safari adventures ensuring a fun-filled and highly engaging learning experience.

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