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Indulging in Mount Kilimanjaro & Safari Package

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Climbing Africa’s highest mountain peak – Mt. Kilimanjaro is not for the faint-hearted. Located 5895 metres above the sea level, the dormant volcano looms high into the air and is renowned as the highest free standing mountain around the world. Situated in the Kilimanjaro National Park in Tanzania, the spectacular wonder is a dream climb for any mountaineers.

Mount Kilimanjaro comprises of three peaks like Mawezi, Kibo (here you’ll find the challenging Uhuru Peak), and the Shira Ridge (the smallest peak and the easiest climb). Therefore, you should consider booking Kilimanjaro and safari package and embarking on the wonderful journey.

Kilimanjaro and safari package and embarking on the wonderful journey

Getting there

The perfect way to reach Mt Kilimanjaro is by car. Being away only two hours from Arusha or one and half hours from Kilimanjaro International Airport, getting there is really quick and easy. You’ll have plentiful wildlife species and beautiful landscapes to enjoy along the way.

The great concentration of flora and fauna

Mt Kilimanjaro National Park is rich in exceptional bird species, wildlife, and beautiful flora. Therefore, it’s highly suggested that you should get to know the area before trekking as there’s much more to enjoy before you climb. For its proximity to the equator and the warmth of Indian Ocean, most of the mountain slopes are rich areas of forests with around 195 bird species that call it a home.

When you ascend the mountainous terrain, the landscape ranges from alpine moorland to lush forest interspersed with ravines and valleys. The landscape transports again into a desirous and dry region with interesting array of flora. Beyond this point, you can enjoy pure ice caps where little develops. You can expect to see buffalo, leopard, aardvarks, a variety of monkeys, the colobus, and blue monkey’s right there.

The weather and season

The interesting fact about Mt Kilimanjaro is that its size has meant that it creates its own weather patterns that are greatly influenced by the mountain slopes and wind. It’s quite common to experience four seasons in a day on the mountain. While most weather changes happen you ascend higher, the lust forests located at the base of the mountain are milder and more temperate than those higher up. Actually, there are two seasons in Mt Kilimanjaro, the dry season (April to October) and wet season (March to May). Therefore, you should choose the right time to make the most out of Kilimanjaro and safari packages.

Kilimanjaro and safari packages

The climb

Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned professional, climbing in Mount Kilimanjaro is technically challenging trek as compared to Mount Kenya. However, it shouldn’t put you off. The Kilimanjaro climb is well-worth the preparation and experience the most once you reach the summit.

There are many tour operators providing Kilimanjaro tour packages to reach the Mt Kilimanjaro effortlessly. Do a thorough research and find the right one you for your adrenalin-pumping actions and adventures. Be prepared for Mt Kilimanjaro trekking adventure and bring adequate clothes, bags, equipments, cameras, etc.

Always keep in mind that the preparation should be done at your own pace as altitude sickness and dehydration can happen if you rush for your climb. It’s highly suggested that you should have a reasonable level of fitness to withstand the pressures of walking for hours a day. You’ll be advised about the route up the mountain that is realistic for you to take as they range from fairly easy to very challenging adventures.

Final Consideration

Whatever the appetite you’ve for your Adrenalin-pumping adventures, browse Kilimanjaro and safari packages available at El Mundo Safaris and make a perfect selection best suiting every fitness level and ultimate taste for adventure.

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