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17th June 2020
Why Do We Travel?
23rd July 2020

What is travel?

Travel Expirence

This is the best time to review and explore some of the major question regarding travel and traveling. I think some of you may hear me repeating my self here if we ever travel together or had the conversation regarding travel. I am in the travel industry because I am traveler, I started to travel as early as I can recall. I will travel when I went to fetch weather from in the river, I will venture out and explore new path. I will travel when I go to school, I will venture out and explore new village, market or water fall. You can read more about my travel in my book “The Memoir of Cycling Around the World, Chile to Kili”. If you miss last question, read here; What is the Future Travel?


Well, probably I have already answer that questing above. What is travel for us? Travel or Safari as we call it in Kiswahili it is the movement from one place to another. In this movement we add on intention which will bring us to the question why travel?


So at El Mundo Safaris travel is a movement with intention or purpose. You can also share your thoughts about travel on the comment below. I hope that as you are planning for new and future travel you will start by looking at it from this angle. If you are ready you can reach us out for your safari; contact us now. If you have enjoyed our safari and would like to see more done on travel experience, Nature conservation and Education you can donate here.

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