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Why Do We Travel?
23rd July 2020
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Where to travel?

Where to travel?


How do you decide where to travel? This question depends on the answers and circumstances of our previous blogs. It can be hard to choose where to travel especially if you have a long list to check or you are doing it for the first time. As one reaches a decision to make a movement according to the time and other reasons we explored early blogs. Adding the aim/purpose of this movement help to choose where to travel.

where to travel?

We run wildlife safaris, educational tours, expeditions, and adventures. Our clients come to us at different times in their life and requirements. We discuss their need for the movement, aim, expected experience, desired outcome, and much more. We build on this information and create a custom made proposals (itineraries). Our clients take time to explore the aides then they choose the destination accordingly. This helps us to fill the needs and questions for our clients.


Sometimes we go deeper to explore where to promote or take our safaris. This for us it has to resonate with our core values; to raise awareness for conservation and sustainable development, conservation, education, and of course leisure. These areas/regions/countries vary and change according to time and what we see best for the experience.


We do our best to think according to our ever-changing world to make sure we are contributing positively. Our safaris into the natural world always evolve the awareness and the aspect of nature as the best teachers and our mirror. We encourage and facilitate connection and exposure to nature. These safaris connect and link with people who live within these areas, they are our guide and leaders. They lead us back to the world which some of us have grown unfamiliar. We learn and exchange our perceptions and values. Eventually, everyone connects the link.


Despite some hard work goes in to make these unique safaris happen we always finish them more high spirited that the last one. Our simple pleasure comes from every moment we are on these tours, the joy and enjoyment from the participants, endurance (adventure and expeditions) the smiles from both visitors, and visited. The Final is the little value we manage to bring to our natural environment.


So where to travel? We hope now you can decide where to go depending on what you find on the series of these blogs. You can reach us out when you want to discuss more where to travel next.

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