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26th June 2019
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5th May 2020
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5 Ways to Improve your Happiness Our guide Tumaini with client

Krystal Rogers-Nelson- (EMS) 


El Mundo Safaris core believes is to improve, make it better and conserve. We believe that once our health as humans improves that means the same for our fellow beings and surroundings. We are inspired by how nature proves this all the time. We take these believes deeply and carefully to design you a customized life-changing experience. Join us on the journey to improve happiness and life.



 If you’ve been feeling stressed, tired, or stuck in a rut, some time spent traveling might be just the ticket.  Travel is a great way to meet new people and see the world, but it also provides a tangible boost to your mental well-being. At El Mundo Safaris we will help you to customize your dream to come true being spend the night in the middle of the desert or chilling and relaxing at Zanzibar archipelagoes or in the Serengeti National Park.


On our travel packages, you can explore the warmth of Africa from Cape Town to the glacier of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Our safari packages combine high qualify tour guide/local host who is not only knowledgeable or nature and cultures but as well as wellness. We will take you into an ease journey of practical personal exploration journey.  


  1. Travel Disrupts Your Routine

Separating yourself from work-related stress is a great way to improve your overall well-being. A break from work gives you time to relax and restore your energy before a big project or review. Don’t let your routine sneak up on you when you’re on your trip – it’s a good idea to disconnect from work emails and phone calls when you’re away from the office.


On our custom made packages we use nature as best morrow for yourself. Our work with native people in different regions shows these as we interact with them through their traditions and rituals.  


  1. Travel Provides a New Environment

If you live in an urban environment, depressing environments like cubicles and traffic jams might be affecting your mental health. Travel to a destination with natural outdoor spaces to rejuvenate your body and your mind. Natural environments can significantly improve your happiness, and they provide the perfect environment for healthy exercises like a walk, hike, or bike ride. We choose and select the best accommodation to help you disconnect to connect, with yourself, others and nature.


  1. Travel Broadens Your Outlook

New experiences in new places can provide you with a bright new perspective on your life. After traveling abroad, you might start to see your neighborhood or your city in a new light. Experiencing the culture of new places also gives you the experience to reflect on when something is affecting your mood. El Mundo history shows how our world and planet are small but yet very big, the race to space is here. We take our human history very serious to design experience which broad your mind and perspectives.  


  1. Travel Makes for a Great Reward

Your past and future trips can be great motivators when it comes to the daily grind. Planning a trip can boost your mood before you set foot on a plane, train, or ship, since you’ll be building excitement for your next adventure. Travel can also help give your work meaning, since your effort on the job will directly translate to great experiences. Reward and punishment is with us now we think the best way forward to to ‘cause no harm’ reward yourself a private customized tour to improve your self and your true happiness.


  1. Travel Makes You More Resilient

Travel isn’t always a stress-free activity. Long layovers, missed trains, and anything else that puts you outside your comfort zone might be tough to deal with in the moment, but these challenges can help you build a more flexible mindset. We have developed wide angle of activities from Walking Safaris to Bicycle Tours, Mountain Climbing to Wildlife Safaris. These will help you design and explore your limits while enjoying and bounding with nature and others.  

Ngorongoro Crater. Educational Tours, Africa Safaris, Travel with Purpose,


When you can handle the trials of international travel, it can help make local challenges seem smaller and less impactful. Here are just a few ways to minimize your travel-related stress:


  • Consider purchasing travel insurance to cover unexpected circumstances before flying to another country.
  • Use a packing checklist to ensure you’re not forgetting any essentials.
  • Invest in identity theft protection to keep your personal information safe when you use your debit and credit cards in airports, shopping centers, and other public venues.
  • Travel light and keep your personal belongings close at hand to thwart pickpockets and thieves.


The Bottom Line

If you have any concerns about your mental health, talk with your doctor before you plan your next big trip. Travel can heighten mood changes, anxiety, or depressive thoughts if things don’t go as planned. There are lots of resources at home and abroad that can help you navigate your own unique mental health needs. For more do not hesitate to contact us.  More ideas and inspiration in our gallery

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