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5 Ways to Improve your Happiness and Well-Being Through Travel
20th July 2019
17th June 2020
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What is the future travel? This is the time when the global community is facing common challenge. We are faced with challenge, the challenge for our survival; physical, mental as well as economically. This challenge is far beyond our daily imaginations. The common aspect of this challenge is the fact that we are all under the laws of Mother Nature.

My quest to set up the travel company is to be able to share with others the opportunity to see, understand, and experience nature.  In this process we connect, we connect with one another and we connect with everything around us. In this process we share, we narrow our ever-growing bridge of differences. I wonder if this is what will characterize the future travel.

I am very lucky to grow up at the place where nature is respected because the people around it have a longtime understanding of its forces. I was inspired by this fact which also created culture, customer, and traditions. I learn how other aspects of life such as our economy and health all depend on nature. Desperate to share, inspire, and motivate I took on the bicycle and find myself pedaling the world for 5 years. At the end of this journey, there were many lessons some of them made me wish that I would be better if I didn’t take on this endeavor. It seemed that the little I knew about my village at the foothills of Mt.Kilimanjaro was better. Now the more I know, the burden becomes heavier. The relief was the understanding that we are actually one and our challenges are the same.

Thinking of future travel I remember what I learn through Chile to Kili project how the charity can be hard. I opt for entrepreneurs, selling, and promoting nature. I believe that travel and tourism unity us and help us develop sustainably while protecting our planet. This is a special case for the countries which still host a vast amount of natural areas, the community which lives within nature and the creatures we share this planet with us. Now we are learning more about the advantages of traveling from our busy urban areas. The education and experience of travel are invaluable at this moment.

Yet, the travel and tourism industry is the most affected of all during this time of COVID-19 pandemic. At El Mundo Safaris, we are keeping our hopes that the industry recovery. We may have to change the way we used to travel and connect. What will be the best way for future travel?

At this moment of quarantine, slowdown/lockdown, and change I invite you to my Memoir of Cycling Around the World-Chile to Kili.


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