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Kenya Bans on the Use of Plastic Bags

Kenya Bun Plastic Bags

We applaud Kenya in its forward-thinking effort to reduce waste in its official ban of plastic bags.

The use of plastic bags is highly prohibited in Kenyan highways, city gutters, and markets. The United Nations has estimated that the grocery stores in Kenya use around 100 million plastic bags every year. Kenya has banned on:

  • Carrier bags with handles and with or without gussets.
  • Flat bags without gussets and handles.

If you are planning a travel to Nairobi, plastic bags, matching the above description including duty-free bags will be seized at the airport. However, there is high risk; if anyone caught using plastic bags can give a fine of approximately USD 38000 or a prison sentencing of up to four years.

Kenya brings in world’s toughest ban on plastic bags, i.e. four years jail or $40,000 fine as compensation. Therefore, El Mundo Safaris advises that our guests and professional teams refrain from the use of all forms of disposable plastic bags in the form of main luggage and hand luggage in order to get rid of inconveniences and prosecution.
Kenya Plastic BunThe ban on plastic bags in Kenya increases the support on the selection of eco-lodges and safari camps available for your convenience at El Mundo Safaris. We have been working diligently to maintain sustainable tourism and development in Kenya. 



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