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Stress-Free Holiday Escape

Stress-Free Holiday Escape


Planning The Perfect, Stress-Free Holiday Escape


If you haven’t already started planning for the perfect holiday getaway, there’s still time, and plenty of reason. Getting away before the start of a new year can be an early start to your New Year’s resolution for better health, as research shows it changes your body’s molecular network to reduce stress and improve your immune system. Add that to its proven benefits on productivity and creativity, and you should be settling down to your computer to get planning Stress-Free Holiday Escape.


Whether you’re considering a romantic international vacation, a solo road trip for solitude, or an over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house for the holidays, here’s some tips for making it the most stress-free holiday escape possible.


Enjoy The Planning

Let the excitement begin the moment you sit down to start planning your time away. You’ll find the anticipation about where you’ll go and how you’ll spend your time can be just as relaxing as getting away itself, so make sure to enjoy it versus stressing about it.


Don’t Bring Work With You

A stress-free getaway will be dependent on planning for your time off at work. Make sure to inform key associates and customers that you’ll be away, delegate any time sensitive work, and leave a detailed paper trail with your boss.  Most importantly, be sure to be critical of who you chose to share your number with while away. Your vacation will be much more relaxing if you prepare properly so you can fully unplug.


International Travel

Heading on a romantic, bucket list trip abroad should come with plenty of relaxation as you explore another country’s history and culture, but only if you’ve taken the time to prepare. Here’s a few tips for starters planing Stress-Free Holiday Escape.


  • Check your passport expiration date.
  • Visit the S. Department of State to review visa requirements and travel warnings.
  • Review any required immunizations, food and water precautions, and other health notifications at the CDC website.
  • Check your medical insurance to make sure you are covered abroad. You may need to purchase a supplemental insurance plan.
  • Avoid data roaming by contacting your cell phone provider to discuss international coverage.
  • Be sure to notify your bank and credit card companies you’ll be traveling out of the country.
  • If you take medication, you’ll need a physician’s letter documenting the prescriptions, and always store medicine in their original containers.
  • Share your itinerary with friends or family.
  • See our different packages at Expeditions.


Secure Your Home

Nothing will make a vacation more stressful than coming home to a house that’s been broken into, and the holidays are a prime time for home burglaries. Take some important home security measures before you head out.


  • Some 30% of homes are burglarized through an unlocked door or window, so start by making sure all are locked.
  • Use random light timers to make it look like you’re home.
  • Avoid leaving out a trash can, or mail piling up by enlisting the help of a neighbor or putting a stop mail notice in place with your postal carrier.
  • Consider posting your beautiful vacation photos to social media after you’re home instead of advertising you’re away.
  • Activate your home security system before departure.


Catch Up On Your ZZzzzs

Ever return from vacation feeling like you need a vacation? Try to avoid over scheduling and over planning your vacation so that you have little down time, this leads to increased stress. Instead, use your vacation to take some proper time for relaxing and catching up on some sleep.


Save The Best For Last

Scientists have explored the phenomenon known as “recency bias” and how it translates to vacations to conclude that you’ll want to make sure you end your trip on a positive note. In other words, what you do at the beginning of your trip won’t be recalled as easily as how you finish, so make sure to plan for a great final night or two away.


Are you planning yet? Escape this holiday for a new international adventure, a little stateside exploration, or a mission of personal discovery. You’ll find on the other side of that vacation a happier, healthier, and more creative and productive new you for 2018. Start packing!

You can just tell us What is you dream and we will help you to plan Stress-Free Holiday Escape.

By Henry Moore.

Henry is the co-creator of FitWellTraveler. The site blends two of his favorite subjects (travel and health) to provide readers with information about how to get the most out of both.  He believes travel can change you, and good health preserves you. He combines both in his work on FitWellTraveler.









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