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How much does safari cost ?

Wildlife Safari and related vacation in East and Southern Africa cost from $ 150 t0 $ 1 500 per person per day. Safari packages vary greatly depend on what include and level of luxury. East and Southern Africa safari accommodations can be from basic tent to top end luxury tent or great designed lodge. Africa can be very luxury despite the fact that the continent being poor in many ways.

How much does safari cost ?

What is the Safari ?

Safari world originated from Arabic language means ‘journey’. From early 1900 safari was related to hunting expeditions in the wild areas especial in East Africa. Henry Stanley reporting for American news paper he told British authority that he was scouting for hunting safari while he was hunting for Victorian lost explore David Livingstone.

Today safari is wildlife safari vacation or expedition to explore African natural habitats.  Wildlife is most common aspect of today safari where people come to experience multitude of wild animals in their natural habitats. This sort of recreation have add lot of value to wild animals and their habitats as well as increasing our understand and knowledge to our surrounding.

Now instead of shooting the wild animals and mount them in the wall. We shoot with camera and spread pictures in the internet or just admire them in our walls, screes, etc. I was born in the community which passive natural habitats as part of their daily life. In the early age I was exposed to travels and scientists who travel thousands of miles come to investigate or experience this areas. I spent my teenager mending this two perceptions. I’m grateful to those who change the trends and add the value to the natural world which inspire me.

What determine Safari Price ?

Safari and it related sort of vacations such as beach holiday, mountain climbing prices are determine by several factors. Here I will try to explain the complication of safari industry and conservation.  How worth this experience is far beyond dollars. When the early hunters realize that the beasts they were selling they will hardly last another generation. They learn that animals such as Rhinos and Elephants have far more complicated reproduction system. Now we know better that animals can adopt to situation such as lost of habitats and poaching. In a good coincidence of early ecologists, activists and hunters such as Fredrick Selous who turn to be conservationist were start conserving.

I think our relation with natural areas, wildness and living things is instinct. It  have being changing from time to time depend on the survival demand. In the mid 1950 hunters, admires, activists and natural scientist had break through and push for conservation areas. The major result was creation of national parks; Yellow Stone in US, Serengeti in Tanzania and Kruger in South Africa among others

The size of these areas to be conserved is equal the size of some sovereign countries. Luck or unlike some of these areas are in Africa. In Africa I assume should have been ease to set them up since the people were simply co-existing with wild animals. Some were worshiping these natural areas such as Mount Kilimanjaro. Challenge today is to protect and maintain these areas.

 Tanzania tourism income…

Apart of other major conservation stakeholders, eco tourism is practical measure to insure sustainable conservation. Tourism business add virtual values to non renewable natural resource. Bring income to developing countries.  Tanzania tourism income have overtaken gold as leading foreign exchange earner. The industry earn $ 2.5 billion by the end of  January 2015. It also creating needed job opportunities and market for community living within these areas.

Tourism business just like other business price is determine by demand and supply. In this case supply of natural areas is small while demand to experience is fast growing. Place like Africa can be remote therefore expensive to access. Poor infrastructure and unpredictable politics make the investment quite expensive. Growth of Asia middle class is setting new challenges. Appetite of natural resources have drive price far beyond tourist dollar. Being Rhino horn, marine reserve for fishing or offshore oil, or alkaline lake for soda ash. Simply to preserve these areas is becoming more and more expensive that we can subsides with our tourism dollar.

Due to the growing demand of people wanting to see and experience thing like the last moving largest wild animals.This is make some developing countries are hiking up their fees.  Safari price will continue increasing as our population increase.

Natural habitats…

Natural habitats and wildlife are decreasing in fast speed.  Wildlife Safari experience and related vacation can not be compared with the value of the dollar we pay. It is far more worth. The dollars we are paying are not only contributing on conserving this fragile areas. The dollar travel far to improve the livelihood of the people who were removed from this areas or still living within. At El Mundo this is our commitment, to use eco-tourism for sustainable conservation and development.

How much does safari cost ? It is expensive but worth it and it is for us, our planet and future generation. Choose wise.

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