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20th August 2015
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Cultural Tours & vacations- Tanzania Cultural Tours, Africa Culture Tours

Tanzania’s cultural tours and packages are the perfect ways to experience the perfect blend of history, local language, and friendly people. El Mundo Safaris is a premier safari tour operator providing tailor-made Tanzania cultural tour packages to discover the vibrant culture and friendly people.

Our Tanzania cultural tour itinerary aims to offer visitors an opportunity to explore the daily lifestyle and surrounding environment of inhabitants. You can enjoy walking or hiking through coffee, banana, and other seasonal crops like beans, potatoes, maize, etc. Enjoy spectacular fields, filled with colorful houses and trees, woods, shade or random flower-like bauhinia or fence Boonville

El Mundo Safaris offers Tanzania safari tours to enjoy seeing local people engaging in daily activities like working on the field. Rest assured that, the locals remain cheerful, energetic, and love to waving or greeting ‘Jambo’ to the tourists. Children express their excitement cheering. This is despite the fact of the hardship may seen around people are cheerful and energetic.


Enjoy looking at mud huts, cattle, goat pens combined with crop fields or gardens. It seems really fascinating to find out how life is sustainable here. Then, you will walk along the breathtaking waterfall while watching water splashing and scatter around making the weather nice and cool.
The lush green riverine is highly dominated by indigenous plant species including some baring fruits and flowers appealing birds and insects. Enjoy the relaxing break and after then follow the trail back to the village.


During the midday, take your lunch. Your lunch will be prepared in a normal household way in order to understand the local’s lifestyle. Fortunately, you will have rice – the second staple food in Tanzania, chapatti with vegetable and beef sauce. After taking a meal, you can join women in the kitchen to take part in the coffee ceremony.Cultural Tours & vacations- Tanzania Cultural Tours, Africa Culture Tours


Even though the coffee ceremony is not a common practice in Tanzania like in Ethiopia, but still fills the desires of tourists. Since it’s a renowned task for women amongst Meru people, the house Mama starts demonstrating from fresh red beans to the coffee plant explaining the process of peeling and drying until reaching the roasted state. Cultural Tours & vacations- Tanzania Cultural Tours, Africa Culture Tours


Clay port and charcoal will be ready and we steer the beans watching them changing color from gray to brown. The beans give out a good coffee aroma. If we are asked to make a choice between brown beans or black, we opt for brown.

The beans are poured into mortar and pestle while we exchange the pending task. But we don’t perform with such precision as the mama collaborates. Water is ready when the coffee beans final turn into a fine powder. Now you can enjoy your cup of coffee from the Tanzania highlands.

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