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Beyond Safari

El Mundo Safaris offers safari packages that are beyond the traditional ways of sitting in the 4×4 safari vehicle and driving throughout Serengeti National Park searching for the “Big Five”. Of course, there are five most well-known animals that should be on your bucket list while on your safari holiday.

We strongly believe that safari is conservation and sustainable development through ecotourism. Because of the conservation tourism, travelers from all across the world are visiting Africa to see the planet’s most beautiful wildlife in their natural habitat. Africa’s wildlife is driving business, conserving wildlife and contributing to a great future for Africa.

El Mundo Safaris strives to deliver the tourism development for the betterment of present and future generations. We are dedicated to protect both the natural and cultural heritage for years to come. Focusing on the protection and using the tourism development as the way of the conservation is the main principle of sustainable tourism development in Africa.

Our main goal is to provide you with incredible safari experiences that are beyond safari package. We do believe that our presence and your safari can make a long lasting impact on both nature and local livelihoods. El Mundo Safaris designs and customizes tour itineraries like educational tours, bicycle tours, wildlife safari, mountain trekking, long distance cycling, Congo River expedition, wild gorilla adventure, etc. We aim to enrich, educate, and entertain our clients every possible way.

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Our company is highly passionate for conservation and sustainable development with rich experience and determination so that our team of experienced tour guides, naturalists, and professional staffs to help you achieve your dream to know about, experience and discover the entire world.

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El Mundo Safaris provides perfectly-tailored beyond safari tour packages that are perfectly designed for you and your best interests. Our personalized tour package is to make sure that you have best experience beyond traditional safari delights.

Contact us right now and let us help you with booking the best safari holidays for unforgettable safari experiences to cherish forever!

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