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The Wild Migration

8 Day Kenya Safari

The Wild Migration Migration

Both humans and wild animals are immigrants; but the wildebeest of the Serengeti, Ngorongo Crater, and Masai Mara ecosystems have made their life into one annual cycle of wild migration. This is an experience to behold and enlive forever.
The wildebeest are also known as the gnu. They don’t search for refuge and know how not to exhaust the green pastures or avoid the existence of other species. Due to their vast magnitude, they have become semi-nomads throughout the African savannah.


Understanding The Wild Migration
El Mundo Safaris is greatly motivated by the natural heritage of the wild migration. We think it may be a great window to discover the homo-sapiens that have been walking from. Our main goal is provide you with the exposure, allowing you to migrate with us and experience the feel of leaving your comfort zone.

Our wild migration offers a chance to migrate with us not in search of green pastures, water or safe breeding grounds, instead in search of natural happenings across the planet. You should take this opportunity to experience the adventure while crossing the natural boundaries and human imaginations. Traverse across the international boundaries of Kenya and Tanzania.

The Perfect Spot to See The Wild Migration

Taking wild migration safari through El Mundo Safaris offers you immense pleasure of seeing wild animals in the natural habitats. We understand that, it’s a moment to reflect on the action happening when you are visiting with us like the wildebeest crossing the Mara River. The wildebeest migration is the perfect phenomenon, offering you a chance to witness the cycle of life happening in front of your eyes.
To learn more about the roles and responsibilities of wildebeests, please join El Mundo Safaris while enjoying the fragrance of hot coffee, rising sun awakening the African savannah, sipping South African wine or cold Kilimanjaro beer accompanied by the scenic vista of sun down and bird sounds that greet those fortunate wildebeest who cross the Mara River successfully.
El Mundo Safaris provides a comprehensive range of carefully-chosen tour packages to make your safari one-of-its-kind from luxury safari holidays to adventure camping, walking safaris to cycling tours. It’s the right time visit, come and discover the exceptional world of Africa with El Mundo Safaris and create your own wild migration experiences to treasure forever! Contact us right now and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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